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Getting Certified: Being a Better Birth Worker

BBFN Announcement

From the Desk of Chayse Sylvester


My Autumn put many things in perspective. After experiencing pregnancy, medical complications, and then a medical abortion myself… I feel changed as I navigate grief, relief, and healing. The work I have done in the past as a Birth Worker is something I am proud of, but now I realize I could personally do even more to serve my community at many levels. So, instead of renewing my certification through CBI (Childbirth International) this upcoming year, I am excited to start the journey with DTI (Doula Training International) to provide full spectrum support in any country. This looks like: prenatal, birth, postpartum, and reproductive health support services. How this is different than my expertise now: I will expand my certification and qualifications to include reproductive health support before, during, and after and reproductive health event (abortion, miscarriage, fertility, etc.). I feel that at any stage in your reproductive journey, no matter what decision is made, you deserve trauma - informed, empathetic support from a professional; that is my commitment to anyone who finds their way to the Blacker Berries Foundation.

With this switch in certification, I can now also navigate insurance coverage with you for any services you need, in - person and virtually! Moving forward, all services will be provided at a discounted rate in Tiers A and B. Additionally, Tier C availability will be expanded to allow more clients to receive care without worrying about financial burden.* I deeply appreciate all of the support I have and continue to receive as I follow this calling. As a Black woman with proximity to White Privilege to my hue, I am dedicated to using my power and access to opportunities to uplift, amplify, and support those with less. Let’s continue to build this village together. Client applications are now open.

*These changes are to reflect the current cost of living. Clients will also be asked to fill out more paperwork and surveys than usual to the new certifying committee to provide insight, feedback, and verification that I am actively working.

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