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Mutual Aid 

What is Mutual Aid?

Mutual aid is a form of solidarity-based support, in which communities unite against a common struggle, rather than leaving individuals to fend for themselves.

People work cooperatively to meet the needs of everyone in the community. It’s different from charity, which features a one-way relationship between an organization and recipients, and often responds to the effects of inequality but not its causes. Mutual aid builds sustained networks between neighbors and families.

Wild Berries

Community Highlight:

Care Access Assistance

BFN is committed to providing those with uteruses with information, resources, and funding to access safe, supported reproductive care and certification training. Need support? Email us! Want to support? Donations are appreciated. 


Our Focus Areas

It is our goal to redistribute our wealth, resources, and support to marginalized communities to cooperatively meet their needs. These our our main areas of community development (for now). Your support is appreciated. 

Accessible Birth Support

"It takes a village" is absolutely true, but it does not start with birth. Support throughout prenatal, labor, and postpartum is vital to keeping a birth person empowered, loved, and safe. Unfortunately, this can be a luxury for those of us without access to insurance coverage or financial flexibility. 

Current donations support: providing no cost and low cost service to BIPOC communities and marginalized individuals. 

Health Equity Education

Inequity in healthcare is pervasive and serves as a tool to oppress. Education with the goal of creating more equitable systems and mobilizing our collective privilege is vital in community organization, voting, and more. Our current workshop offerings are offered on a donation based cost with no cost options available for BIPOC individuals. 

Current donations support: keeping access to our workshops equitable and supporting our ongoing education series plans. 

Wellbeing & Wholeness 

BIPOC Wxmen are at high risk of harm and crisis across their communities. Our "Blackened Berries" initiative is in its early stages and is committed to providing direct resources to those needing support. This includes menstruation education and products, access to safe/ preventable healthcare (including abortion), and more.

Current donations support: Bi - Weekly Community Fridge Restocks & BB initiative funding. 

Wild Berries


Please make all donations via venmo or paypal. Please email for receipt if deducting from taxes.

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