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Become a Birth Worker

What is a Birth Worker & Why are they Important?

At BBFN, a Birth Worker is a professional who provides hands - on care throughout pregnancy, birth, postpartum, or at any point during reproductive journeys. Full - spectrum BWs here are certified to steward and facilitate education and support outside of the normal confines of traditional "Doula" work.  Through this work, we support helping you remain safe, advocate for yourself, and create a cycle of community care that extends beyond our individual reaches. Our goal is for you and your family to have a calm, empowered, and empathy led experience, no matter what your reproductive plans may be.

Care & Access:

Bridging gaps to create opportunity.

BBFN is committed to providing historically resilient folks with certification, business, and educational opportunities. Through donations and grants, we are able to provide community members with everything they need to safely and confidently step into their roles as a Birth Worker. 


Our Focus Areas

It is our goal to redistribute our wealth, resources, and support to historically resilient folks in stepping into birth work roles. Whether you're starting from scratch or building your brand - these our our main areas of individual development:

Accessible Certification

Although certification is not necessary, new legislation regarding insurance coverage of birth workers in the United States only applies to those certified. Furthermore, certification provides folks with opportunities they may not otherwise have. At BBFN we fully fund full spectrum certification programs through Doula Training International for those who could otherwise not afford it. Inequity in healthcare is pervasive and serves as a tool to oppress, providing certification opportunity helps dismantle that.

Mentorship & Experience

Joining a network of birth workers can be intimidating, but at BBFN we aim to create sustainable, harmonious relationship structures that help guarantee success. We support this through opportunities to shadow experienced BWs, paid experiential learning, matched mentorships, and internal community spaces

Success Structures

Flying the nest is great when you have a soft place to land. At BBFN we provide financial and professional resources that cover marketing, materials, client referrals, continued professional development, and more. As a BBFN aligned birth worker, you retain 100% of your money earned and can rely on us to uplift and amplify you as you pursue your personal goals. 

Ready to Join?

No prior experience needed and independent Birth Workers are welcome! Please see focus areas for insight. 

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